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2016-04-28 - 1:10 p.m.

So my patient is a little old lady who got all krunked up on the fire water and did a header off a balcony. Now she has a severe brain injury and she spent a full week in an agitated, combative state.

Friends don't let Nanas drink and dive. (no, I'm NOT going to hell.) People, ya gots to keep Nana off the sauce. Look out! Grannies Gone Wild...


I have no further comments or unflattering stories today about grandmas behaving badly or grannies gone wild.

I don't feel like working today. Surpriiiiiiise! Sometime a bish just wanna play.

I'm planning up my Summer-O-Privacy. I think I'm going to do "My Fit Foods" and exercise like a fiend all summer. Except vacation week. During that week I'm going to eat everything, exercise not a bit, and backslide egregiously. Oh yes. I predict I will also be drankin' which is entirely different from "drinking". Since I will be vacationing with my sister who is a bad influence. We will accidentally get in plenty of exercise walking around Estes Park. We do a lot of walking when we go there. I'm outdoorsy when I am in Colorado. Not so much when I'm in the dirty south.

If I don't book our trip pretty soon, we won't have anyplace to stay. I kid, but that would truly suck. We have these certain condos we like to stay in on the main drag. You can walk anyplace or take the free shuttle to get around. No car necessary. I wish we were there today.

My main job is totally under control, but I have stuff to do on my side jobs so... here goes me.


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