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2016-04-26 - 7:35 p.m.

I've got individual quiches in the oven from Blue Apron. I really liked them the time I got them before. This time the filling is different and I think it will be even better than the last ones. I'm hungry right now. It's nearly 8 pm so no wonder I'm starved.

The nephew was very chatty today. He wanted me to sit and visit with him, so I did. He is excited about his new new new plan of going into the IT field. He'd really like to pick the brain of my friend from Philly, but he thinks he is a bother since our loved one dropped out of our lives. He still loves you bwah and looks up to you. He knows you are welcome so... it's really in your court. As it always has been.

The boy also loves my idea of buying some land in the Ozarks. If nothing else, I could set it up like a camp and go there if the shit ever really does hit the fan. Bug out land.

Today I coded the chart of a patient who splits their time between Texas and Colorado. What a swell idea, says I.

I do not know how it's all going to turn out. I still want my summer home in Colorado. Maybe I'll homestead in the Ozarks and summer in the Rockies. I'm open for all kinds of stuff and I will eventually figure it out. I will manifest the thing that suits me best. No doubts.

I need to go to the store. I'm pulling my hermit routine once again. I'm out of paper towels and it is ever so inconvenient, but who wants to go to the store just to get paper towels? Not this chick.

The oven has sounded her alert of quichey goodness.

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