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2016-04-15 - 10:53 a.m.

The boy is on his way to get his wisdom teeth out. He has been dreading this event, heavy duty, for days. Weeks even. I could have made sport of his apprehension, but I was a nice aunt for a change and told him all soothing things about how he will just go in and take a nice nap and wake up numb and high... no pain. Then he will come home and we will dope him up and keep him on pain meds for a few days. I don't remember feeling much pain if any at all after my wisdom teeth extractions.

My sister brought some recordings from when he was a really little guy and he went to work with her one day and was on the air. His little voice was so cute. I hope his oral surgery goes as smoothly as I told him it would go.

I let my sister bring both of her dogs. She has one big one that is a really good guard dog. I feel very guarded right now. No one will be coming into my yard today. Or if they do, they will immediately regret it. I'm glad the weather is so nice today. I have the back door open and all 4 dogs roaming in and out as they wish. My dog chores were complicated today. Extra dogs in the mix. Wouldn't you know, Dexter is the one with the most attitude. He keeps being aggressive towards the BIG dog, like he is going to intimidate somebody. He's a Scooby snack to her and he's rolling up on her like he's about to unleash some whoop ass. Most of the time they are fine, but every now and then he gets all bent out of shape in her general direction. I've threatened him with "The Box" already. So he is being docile right now. No, he would not like to be trapped in his carrier, thank you very much.

My niece is all a-snooze in the guest room. She is 14 but we all think of her as a baby. I didn't get nearly enough sleep, because I visited until 2 am and then I had to come do a few things for work and with all the stuff still going on in the house, I was up till 4. So I'm running on 4 hours and some minutes worth of sleep. I'm going to seamlessly perform 3 people's workload plus some side jobs on that piddly amount of sleep.

Here goes me...

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