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2016-04-17 - 6:23 p.m.

I have a nephew with big ole chipmunk cheeks. He had his surgery, all is well. It cost $900 less than we were expecting, and his swelling might be on its way down. I had a nice visit with my sister and niece. Both of the kids sleep late so my sister and I got up this morning and snuck off, leaving the snoozers to snore while we had a fancy brunch at this fancy restaurant on the lake. It was good food, and I had a little taste of most of the things they had. It was apparently very rich food or something because I am still full and it is time to think about dinner. I think I'm going to skip it. The nephew can't chew regular food yet and he has lots of soft things he can eat on hand, so there's no need for me to cook. If I get hungry later I can always scrounge something up.

My sister has been anticipating an offer from a potential client and while she was here, she got an email from him saying he wants to meet with her tomorrow and discuss working together. So this is great. Don't be trifling, dude. Just saying. I think he will come across with a good offer. She's going to be counting her money like Scrooge McDuck. It's funny how she and I parallel with our careers. We went along a very similar path, though we work in totally different fields, but we each went for the goal of doing our work from home and having multiple avenues of income. We both feel super lucky and blessed to be doing this. We are each others' cheerleaders.

I didn't do any work over the weekend and I didn't watch any of my shows either. Holy crap! I just realized I must have an episode of Outlander on my DVR! I am sitting here right now, ready to code like the wind and get some things done before time for "Fear the Walking Dead" and then "Talking Dead", but now I'm thinking of all the other stuff I have on the DVR that I didn't get to see yet. I have to do some of this to keep from being hopelessly behind tomorrow. So here goes me...

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