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2016-04-14 - 9:16 a.m.

I tried to log in for work and my work platform is down for some reason. I'm rebooting my work computer so I thought I would write while I wait for my VPN to reconnect. It's annoying when the computer doesn't do what it is supposed to do.

And of course, now that I've decided to write, the computer is suddenly all good to go. It appears that I am 19 minutes late for work and really, I was just sitting here trying to log in. I don't think there is really any such thing as late as long as we are dependable about doing our 8 hours in a reasonably predictable manner. But I like to start on time. I chose 9 to 5:30, because I like to sleep in.

I sleep until exactly 8:48 am, and then hit the snooze button a maximum of twice, 5 minute intervals. I hit snooze for one 5 minute period of "nooooo" and then I sometimes do 5 minutes of stretches. I like to change position in bed and pull my knees up in order to stretch out my low back. Sometimes I've thrown all my covers off during sleep and I'm cold because I sleep naked so it feels good to put my covers on and warm up for 5 minutes. Suffice it to say I like to take my time getting out of bed. I get up before the 5 minutes is up and go clock in before doing my morning stuff and my dog Dexter knows the drill. He can count. He knows that if that alarm rings a third time, something has gone wrong and he runs around my bed in circles like there's some kind of emergency. It rang a third time today because I guess I slid the slider the wrong way and hit snooze again when I thought I had turned it off. Dexter came unglued. He has a morning agenda that is very important to him.

Last night I discovered that I can convince Jax that he is soooo sleeeeepy. It was so funny. He was sitting on the floor and I started talking to him like he was sleepy and he slowly closed his eyes. Then I perked him up and did it again. I soon realized that he would do it over and over. He has to be calm for it to work, but if he is not in a hyper mood, he will totally fall for it over and over. My pups are always so happy for a new day. Especially when the weather is nice enough to leave the back door open so they can run in and out non-stop.

I have sister and niece coming later today, I have maids coming by noon. I have 3 people's job to do... bleh... I'd better get on it. One of the places I'm covering for are a bunch of whiners. I'm getting them out of the way first. Squeaky wheel... totally getting the grease.

Happy Thursday!

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