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2016-03-25 - 11:14 a.m.

I was planning to work a half day today and go to my sister's house. Silly, silly me... I realize now the folly of my ways. I'm staying home tonight and going tomorrow. I've got 39 scans from one of my side facilities, which means 39 long files to read(skim) and code. That's after I finish my main job. I think my people are off work for Good Friday at the side jobs. They also get Fat Tuesday off every year, because they are based in Louisiana. Imagine... many people in Louisiana get a holiday that the rest of the country doesn't get. I used to be one of those people. I will celebrate anything. Give me a paid day off and I'm ready.

I have other reasons for staying home tonight. It is a hassle to take my dogs anywhere for overnights because I have to put leashes on them and walk them whereas at home, I just open the back door and they can run in and out of my privacy fenced back yard with no worries about them running off. I regularly inspect the fence to make sure nobody has been digging. One time I found that my older dog and a dog next door were digging a tunnel to each other. I filled it back in... all that tunneling for naught.

I'm tired and I want to relax tonight. I have one more gourmet dinner to cook and I want to use the fresh ingredients while they are still fresh, AND I have a shipment of coffee K-cups coming by Fed Ex today. I am not leaving town with 76 dollars worth of coffee unaccounted for. Also, the boy has a consult with the oral surgeon today. He has to have his wisdom teeth extracted very soon and today is the day for X-rays and such. That appointment is in the afternoon. My sister doesn't live as far away as my folks, so I can easily make the drive there on Saturday and come back Sunday. I need to chat her up today and let her know my change of plans. She's coming here next week when the boy gets his surgery done. She wanted to come take care of him and his sister as been dying to come over here.

Pandora just played me a song so outside of my musical taste that it suddenly angered my chi. I had to tell Alexa to thumbs down that shit. Sometimes I wonder about Pandora.

Hi Ho. It's back to work I go.


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