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2016-03-28 - 1:08 p.m.

I'm back. Short jaunt was made, family was visited, Easter was observed, hot cross buns were made by my dad the Baker Extraordinaire and eaten by all of us. They were awesome. As always. I am sprigalicious today with a hair-do of serious cuteness all up on my head. A good hair day sets the tone for a good day all around. I feel happy today. My work seems oddly do-able for a Monday. I'm usually so buried under with the Monday work avalanche there's no seeing the light of day. I do have a good solid day's worth to do and I might go to the store for my lunch break today. I'm out of stuff. Shit gets real when I run out of eggs and cream. I need my protein and my coffee. If I run out of doggie treats, my dogs will stage a mutiny.

I got my big ole shipment of K cups. Ahhh so happy when the coffee is well stocked.

I am feeling lucky today. I should buy a lottery ticket. Sometimes I just feel the good fortune and opportunities floating in the air around me. I don't have any room for taking up new opportunities right now. My dance card is full. The headhunters keep calling though.

I need to get out in the world more. I've been such a hermit lately, it's ridiculous. I guess I should join the gym if only to make myself go out in the world. People who work from home can turn into serious hermits. It's easy to sort of slide into not even wanting to bother with the outside world. It's funny how people change. I used to be GONE all the time.

My sister gave me some blueberry plants that are loaded down with berries. I already had 2 blueberry bushes. So now I've got 5 big potted blueberry bushes on my porch. I don't want to plant them in the ground, because I don't feel like this is my permanent home and I want to take them with me when I go. I need to start thinking seriously about what I'm going to do next. I want a climate with 4 seasons and I'd like to live in a place with no HOA fees and with decent property taxes. Where I live the property tax is a lot more than my mortgage loan. That is crazy. I'm going to go someplace with decent taxes. There is no state tax in Texas, which is good, but they still get you on that property tax and it's more than I would pay in another state, I think. Maybe I should check that out. If I bought a house near my family, once my house was paid off, I'd have no payment. Property tax is a tiny fraction of what it is here. If I paid this house off, I'd still have a big payment to make for taxes. Not even fair.

First world problems, yo.

Happy Announcement: One of the little details of life that has been hanging over my head is now taken care of. I reported my Continuing Education Units and got my professional credentials renewed for another 2 years. Ahhhhhhh what a relief to have that over with!!

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