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2016-02-28 - 2:53 p.m.

I'm feeling much better today. Couple of coughing fits, nothing too crazy. I'm about to fly into a frenzy of coding to end all frenzies of coding so I can finish up everything before my shows come on tonight. Comic books artists are dicks about "The Walking Dead". They slam the show in the same manner that literary snobs slam any movie adapted from a book. I know a comic book artist who is harsh beyond all levels of normalcy about this show I love. POOF! says I... BE GONE.

Before I was overtaken by the scourge of doom, I tried a recipe that has blown my mind. Not everyone would love it, but I bet most everyone would love what I later made out of it. I made a loaf of really beautiful low carb bread. It's not like yummy hot yeasty bread fresh from the oven, but it does have a very nice consistency for what it is. It has the texture of angel food cake. It's like very light, fluffy, cake-like bread. It may be too eggy for some, but I found a great use for it. Here's the simple recipe:

6 eggs, separated
1/2 cup whey protein powder

Instructions: Separate yolks from whites. Whip whites to stiff peaks, gently add whey protein and yolks. Mix gently just until ingredients are well incorporated. Pour fluffy batter into a well buttered loaf pan, bake on 325 degrees for 40 minutes.

I used vanilla whey protein powder. It is low carb and has some kind of sweetening in it. The sweetness isn't enough to make this loaf really sweet, but I know if I added some more sweetener and maybe a little vanilla flavoring, it would actually be angel food cake, and it's very low carb. The texture is really very nice. It is perfect and easy. You let the loaf cool completely and then you can slice it up. It slices very nicely and the egg makes it hold together very well.

Best use of this bread: I made french toast out of it and it was super awesome. I used sugar free Log Cabin Syrup on mine and it makes perfect french toast. I did the whole dip in egg and griddle cook it routine and I also grilled a few slices in butter until they were crispy and golden and then I just dipped that in the sugar free syrup and that was the best of all. This bread makes very crispity but light toast. It's also good dipped in truffle oil and just eaten like that.

I love good old fashioned yeast bread, but that is so bad for me and this bread gave me a good amount of soft bread texture for almost no carbs. I'm going to make a cake out of this recipe soon and I know it will make a great base for strawberry shortcake. I'm going to amaze my folks with french toast next time they visit.

Last night I dreamed I was taking care of a criminal who was seriously injured. I was having thoughts like that this was the humane thing to do and I owed this as a fellow human. The criminal was so weakened, I thought he could not hurt me, so I was being kind, even though I knew it was risky. We were in a small bedroom and he was sick in bed. I was just bringing him stuff and looking after him. My older dog was in there laying up on the bed. Eventually, I noticed that my dog was laying in his side, panting, and he looked sick. The criminal started saying he was sick and soon dying of a disease called "Rikki Tikki Tavi". I said "But that is a dog disease." Then I noticed, with horror, that he was actually a dog. He looked like a doberman all of a sudden. I said "You came into my home where I have dogs and you have a deadly incurable dog disease?" He just nodded yes. I looked back at my sweet dog and he had something shiny on his chest, like he was oozing pus or something. I was very upset and sad and I said to the criminal "I knew you were a snake when I picked you up."

I felt like it was my fault that I trusted a criminal and let myself be vulnerable and now my sweet dog was going to die.

I know what it means. Because I've had that same feeling before when I let myself get hurt by a certain snake that I am vulnerable to. I don't know why that lesson shows up now.

Oh wait. I'm helping a bit of a snake in my life right now, come to think of it. Whoa.

WHOA another realization - Rikki Tikki Tavi is a story about a dog by that name I think, and there is a mongoose and a snake in the story. So the snake reference again.

So the disease "Rikki Tikki Tavi" was going to kill this snake, this criminal. And in the story, the mongoose kills the snake. Either way, a snake dies. haha. At first I thought this was about my ex, because he hurt me in the same way twice and the second time I had the thought "I knew you were a snake when I picked you up." I think I actually said that to him. But right now I am helping my pot head nephew who has totally failed to launch and I'm currently still harboring him though I am really ready to have my home and life back. He's a snake because he continues to smoke pot and put me at risk in many ways through that activity. He claims to be clean now and he will be proving that with a drug test in about 6 weeks. If he fails, he is moving. Then he will have 6 weeks at his moms and if he fails, he moves and makes his own living. We're all done enabling.

Alrighty then.


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