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2016-02-27 - 11:46 p.m.

I've had to swallow so much Mucinex that I've turned into a sommelier of cough syrups. I'm picking up subtle tropical notes of exotic island fruits accompanied by distinctive oak undertones in the Mucinex.

That fat little green booger guy in the Mucinex commercials has not come to my house at all. I kinda want my money back.

All in all, I liked my hydrocodone cough syrup much better. I got it in 2010 when I had H1N1. It was an experience. My doctor said they don't even prescribe that stuff anymore. It's been bumped up to a higher schedule so the urgent care doesn't dispense it. ::le sigh::

I have all of my side jobs squared away sufficiently and tomorrow I'll catch up on my main job. I really didn't work much at all today. I really needed to rest and take it easy so that is what I did. I worked just a little bit to get some things done on the one site that had stuff really due. I am just going to do the things for my main job that I should have done Friday. I'm not going to be all gung ho and try to super woman it.

I had fewer ridiculous, out of control bronchial spasms today. Maybe I'll have none tomorrow. Please God. That reminds me, I need to go get my albuteral puffer. It's time. I think I'll have some hot peppermint green tea and relax.

I would not smoke cigarettes for all the tea in China. It is no fun when your breather doesn't work right.


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