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2016-03-01 - 12:44 a.m.

I messed around all day long and didn't finish my work. I needed some more weekend. I think I'm going to go see my family in Louisiana at the end of this week. I kind of wish I could put off the trip, because I feel like I could use another weekend to rest, but I just have to go see my peeps. I have been missing my parents and my kid a lot lately. Seems like too long since I saw them, but that is not really true since we were all together for a good stretch last month.

I've got pressing work on my main job and one pressing issue on one of my side jobs. I have created too much work for myself to do, but when I look at my ever climbing bank balance, I just cannot give anything up. haha. I'm such a greedy little duck.

I guess I'll keep this short so I can do a few more things before bed. I went to the grocery store and there went my relax time. I need to plan an actual vacation and maybe go to a spa or something. Just be off for a bit. But I might get too much of a break soon... because in March there is going to be a major astrological event that could cause a shake up at work. Hope all is well.

But I need to learn to work faster or get it done quicker and quit messing around during my work day. I guess I'm letting the lines blur too much between work and the rest of my life so it seems like I'm working too much. I could probably condense it into work hours and relax at night like God intended.

Time to make the donuts...

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