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2016-02-23 - 1:45 a.m.

I have come down with a scourge so vile... an ailment so cruel... I fear that no one has ever before been this sick and survived to tell about it. Nay... I am the sickest to ever survive this strain. I almost started roaming the neighborhood in search of tasty, tasty brains today, but decided to hold off a day or two on that to see if my fever breaks in the next couple of days. If I am not better by Friday, I'm totally chowing down on my neighbors.

There's a porky pine in my fwoat, to quote a cute old commercial from my memory bank. I feel feverish, tired, achy... my hair hurts. You know you've had it when your hair hurts. Non-stop sniffling and sneezing. I do have some Nyquil and I'm fidna get all krunked up on that so I can sleep.

My heed, she hurts.

I remember saying to the boy a few days ago "Are you coming down with something? I better not get some miserable scourge..." And here we are.

Ugh... I suffer...

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