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2016-02-21 - 4:20 p.m.

Guess who has 2 thumbs and finished a huge coding project? This chick right here.

Yesterday I sat down to do that very task and shortly after I got started, the website I use to access the documentation went down. I didn't even get one account finished and the whole thing went kerflooey. I tried every which way to get back in and it just wasn't working. I decided to work on my other facility and hope the site came back up by the time I was done. I got lucky and the site did come back up and I managed to get it all completed. I still have some accounts left to do on my other site and some other stuff to do on my main job.

Things should ease up now that I don't have a backlog hanging over my head. I have so many things to do, I feel overwhelmed sometimes. I need to take a day or two off and just handle some things.

In Ragnar news: I have fortified my Town Hall and my Clan Castle really well and I pity the fool who tries to get my Town Hall. I redid my war base and can't wait to see the failure that will take place in a couple hours when we go to war and someone tries it. If I was scouting for a base to raid, I wouldn't stop on mine. It's going to be such a bitch. Muahahahaha

There's bigger and badder bases than mine, but for my level in the game, my base is pretty bad ass and I'd hate to have to attack me.

I'm cooking some level 3 dragons right now. I'll be raping, pillaging, looting, and incinerating war bases later today. Cause I'm Ragnar.

Holy crap! I just realized it's Sunday and Walking Dead comes on tonight! And Talking Dead. I have to get my work done before my shows. This week went FAST. Seems like I just watched the season premier. I need to sling some codes right about now.


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