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2016-02-25 - 11:32 a.m.

So sick,

Fell asleep and dreamed that I was in Australia with people I don't know. In the early part of the dream, this small, dark haired guy at a house I was in said "We have to gather up the animals soon." I would come to understand that later on. There was also a light haired Australian guy who seemed very rough and devil may care about everything. I visited with these strangers for a while.

Then I was in the town by myself, lost, not knowing where I would stay, and kicking myself for going to a foreign country by myself. The streets of this town reminded me of Germany and I had been going in circles, lost for hours when the light haired guy happened by and picked me up. He said he had some errands to run, but he would take me back to the house with him and I could stay there. I was glad and I felt relieved. At some point, I noticed that one side of his nose was missing. The fleshy part was missing and I could see the bone. He didn't seem upset or self conscious about this at all. I was completely shocked. I told him he should get that repaired and he said "That little thing? Just a scratch." When we got back to the house he said "Let me show you around" and he picked up a gun and we went outside. I said "What's the gun for?" and he said "Trust me, we'll need it." So out we went. We got a few hundred yards from the house and he said "Look! There's one." So I looked and couldn't tell what the animal was so I said "Is that a monkey?" It was dusky out so I couldn't make out what I was seeing, but it started crouching and advancing and I soon could see it was a cheetah and it was looking at me like I was lunch. Before it pounced me, the guy shot it. He dragged it to the road and told me there would be more. "You can never come outside in the evening without a weapon or you'll be attacked by a wild animal, yeah?" I was thinking "Everything in Australia can kill you". He said he had to gather all the dead animals and put them in the container for pick up. They had a service to go around picking up dead animals, because there were so many. We went back in the house, more stuff happened, but the details are fading fast.

I tried to work for 4 hours yesterday and I looked in on one of my new side facility's coding. I audited 6 accounts. Guess how many were egregiously wrong? If you said 6, you are correct. I guess I've got my work cut out for me there. I don't feel good. I have to somehow piece together a workday. Haven't done a thing yet except go to sleep and dream that crazy dream. I have to try to not fall behind. So here goes me.


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