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2016-02-09 - 3:19 p.m.

The maids just left. I love having the maids in. Everything is so clean and fresh and dusted and vacuumed through no effort on my part. This is how life should be. It's seriously comforting to me, like someone is taking care of me. If I could afford to hire a nanny to take care of me all the time, I would. I also need a chef who specializes in low carb cuisine. I need a body guard / security guy and a personal assistant to handle my annoying details of life. I'm used to being the one to take care of people. Not the other way around.

The boy was home when the maids showed up and he was magnanimous enough to excuse the maids from cleaning his room. This is not what I want since I am paying for the whole house to be cleaned. Also, his room is more likely to smell than the other rooms, so... eh... I'm not so much a fan of him excusing the maids. I told them to please disregard the words coming out his mouth and do his room anyway.

He told Alexa to play Motorhead. I'm sure the maids loved that. Homey needs a jobbie job. Tuesday and Thursday are his school days this semester and he has a big gap between classes. I like for him to be at school or work when I am working, but he is unemployed right now and has WAY too much free time. He tells me he is trying to "eat mass quantities" so he can gain more body mass. I noticed this new hobby of his when I brought home 36 eggs and had 18 left a couple days later. No bueno.

He's slender, but not underweight. He's just as he should be. I told him that eating mass quantities is not going to result in big muscles unless he is doing a serious body building program. Also, it's not kosher to eat up all the protein in the house and if he is going to eat like "The Rock" he is going to have to buy groceries for that. I'm not trying to support a hobby that consists of eating as much food as he can possibly get down his gullet. I had to point out that he needs to stop melting plastic spatula handles on the edges of my skillets. I do not like it when he cooks anything, because he makes a huge mess and usually slops eggs out of the pan and then it cooks to the top of the stove. Oy.

I told him again that I want to live with him when I get old and I'm going to ruin all his stuff, make a lot of messes, and probably be incontinent. I said "I will probably be very, very clumsy and break a lot of stuff. I can just feel this all coming on in the future." He laughed. I recently discovered that I am down to about 7 bone china mugs out of a set of 12. The ones I have left have motor oil on them that doesn't wash off in the dishwasher. It has to be painstakingly removed by hand with a grease cutter. After I pointed this out, he started to use my stoneware mugs instead and they are my favorite so I had to put him off using those.

He was telling me how super rich he is going to be one day. I told him that he can pretty much decide on what kind of life he wants to live and then just make a plan and work the plan. That is really how you do it. It's not up to chance. It's something he can make happen. He'd like to go to a real university instead of community college. If his mom gets a big settlement maybe she can make that happen. In the mean time, I've advised him to take his prerequisites at the community college and then transfer at the 2 year mark to whatever University he wants to go to. He needs to get his grade point average up and then apply for some scholarships. He seems very enthusiastic about this at this moment in time. We'll see if that lasts. I think he is maturing some. Seems so.

I'm getting sick of having to do so much extra work. A bish needs a little relax time.

I think the song "Lateralus" raises my frequency. It makes me feel excited and inspired. I'm hearing it right now. Favorite. Song. All time, favorite song.

That's my Taryn singing. hah.

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