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2016-02-03 - 10:16 p.m.

Holy Lord, I've been swamped. All my facilities had a work avalanche at the same time. On Monday it was sheer lunacy and I had to take Monday and Tuesday to get Monday's work done. My main job exploded with stuff for me to do just at the same moment in time when one of my new side facilities got their license to bill, so they announced they have 50 accounts they need ready to go out like yesterday. They just got me electronic access to that new site, and they want everything done right NOW. It's not going to happen quite like that, but you can't blame 'em for trying. I did as much as I can stand to do for right now. I've been working day and night. A bish need a break.

All up in the middle of this craziness, my computer was dragging so hard yesterday that I ran a speed test and found out my download speed was like 10.6 when it should be over 200. My upload speed was so ridiculously low I'm embarrassed to report it. (1.7) So I called my ISP and the tech came out and discovered that my modem was faulty. Changed it out and my download speed went straight to 220-something, like 227. But it was an easy enough fix. New modem. Voila!

I have had no evening at all. I've been chained to my desk. There is going to be a lot of that until I get the 50 novels read and coded (along with my other avalanche of work). After that I'm going to have to do a full consulting survey & report for the 2 newest facilities because the people who are paying me are curious about my findings. I did have some findings to report, thank goodness, but I haven't done the in depth thing that I'm going to do as soon as this other project is cleared off my desk.

As usual, my extended annual astro report is right on target. It told me I would be busy as hell with work right about now. Something happens in March that I'm a little worried about. There's going to be an eclipse that could cause a shakeup. I hate a shakeup.

Speaking of a shake up, my dogs are shook up because I haven't been in my chair at all tonight. They like for me to hold them both on my lap while I watch a movie or a show. So I need to go do that. God forbid we upset the dogs. They keep coming in here to get me. They are both liars who tell me that Timmy is in the well, we have an intruder, there's someone in the back yard... just anything to get me out of my office. Then they try to start a game or lure me to my chair. It's funny. Dexter just walks in a barks at this point. He is pissed. He has very little tolerance for me not obeying his whims. Reminds me of someone else I used to know. heh

I am going to go cuddle these pups now before Dexter pops a vocal cord.

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