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2016-02-04 - 8:02 p.m.

Um... I'm kind of a genius. At the very least, my powers of problem solving are formidable.

I am cooking one of my unbelievably good chicken pies. There are carbs in it and I am going to take some carb blockers and a metformin before I eat it. I've saved every carb for this whole day just for this piece of chicken pot pie.

So when you cook a pie, you start the oven off at 425 degrees and then once the pie has achieved the beautiful golden crust on the fluted part, you put tin foil around the edges of the 425 degree piping hot pie with your tiny un-gloved fingers. You have to work quite gingerly with this to avoid burning yourself. It's hard to get 3 strips of tin foil to hug the edges of the pie without falling off.

Today I had this spur of the moment idea to take a sheet of tin foil, a little bigger than my pie dish and then I folded it over and cut a circle out of the middle big enough to expose the inner circle of the pie pan. I laid this on top of my uncooked pie and molded it around the edges while the whole thing was cool so I could make it the right shape in advance. Then all I had to do was drop it in place and lightly tuck the corners down for a snug-ish fit. It was SO easy and perfect! I'm a genius.

No one else in the whole wide world has ever thought of this... EVARRR in the history of pie baking. I'm dead certain of this and will not be convinced otherwise. I've invented a pie hack, nay, a life hack. A genius.

I have been hyped up all the live long day today and very much the gab-meister. I schooled the Hell out of one of my students today with probably way more info than she bargained for. It was all good. She wanted to know stuff... and NOW SHE DOES.

I also did most of the talking on a compliance conference call today and got some high praise for being eloquent in my presentation. The medical director was on the call and he asked me some questions and was very receptive to what I was telling him. It was a really good conference call. I have a ton of stuff to do tonight and The Blacklist comes on so I am definitely making time for that. I can already tell that I'm not going to get as much work done as I hoped for tonight. I'm working on that backlog for one of my new sites and their cases are so complicated and their online charts are super slow to go through. Takes longer than I had hoped. I will bear down on it this weekend.

Gotta go

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