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2016-01-26 - 4:36 p.m.

What is going on with all this rampant DYING? People are dropping like flies. Both regular folks and celebrities. I've heard a lot of ominous warnings about 2016 and it certainly has started off with a lot of dying. We're almost a whole month in already.

You can't plan shit. That is my takeaway. You know how in the movies and novels it goes like this:

Boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, it's the greatest love ever. Wicked crone comes along and tries to wreck greatest love ever. Boy falls for it.. at first.. it looks a little dicey there for a chapter or two..but he snaps the fuck out of it eventually and makes things right with girl so a decent happily ever after can occur.

Boy is NOT supposed to ride off into the sunset with anyone else but Girl. Especially not the wicked crone. (Duh) What kind of a leading man fucks up and grabs the crone?? WTF

Oh wait... that's not the fractured fairy tale I was trying to write about.

Girl's Sister meets Country Boy, Country Boy and Girl's Sister fall in love. Country Boy is NOT supposed to die early. Just.. not supposed to.

Half the worlds' celebrities are not supposed to keel over simultaneously like there's a prize for it.

Here's a fine thing about death: "Loved ones" start coming out of the wood work to ask for things. People have no shame whatsoever. My sister has been asked for her husband's big ticket items. By his family. I am truly amazed.

She's having a hard day today. My day hasn't been so hot either. I have gotten almost ZIP accomplished for work today and I've got to keep my overtime down so I must go forth and produce riiiiiight now.

::futile, futile love::

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