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2016-01-27 - 11:19 a.m.

My neighbor came to my house yesterday evening. She is a 28 year old mother of a 2 year old and an infant. She was happily married the summer before last. On that July 4th, she was out there celebrating with her little family at the block party. Her young husband who promised to love honor and cherish her in sickness and in health was kissing her under the fireworks and secretly working his way around the party, letting some neighbors know that he was leaving her the next day. She was the last to know. On July 5th, he was gone. She has been living 2 doors down with her 2 babies since then and her wonderful young husband did not come by to visit the babies for a good 8 months after he left her.

Now all of a sudden he wants full custody. She was pregnant with one of the kids when he abandoned her, and he is a near total stranger to the youngest baby. Last night she told me that the reason he left her was because she had developed a pituitary tumor and it made her gain weight and have a seizure disorder. She has been through brain surgery and she lived. She is ok now, returning to health, but she does have a seizure disorder. In sickness and in health...

So he got wind that she had a seizure at home when no one was there except herself and the kids. He had the kids taken from her and won't let her see them. He thinks a clean break with mommy will be less stressful to the babies. He has a new girlfriend now, so she is effectively replaced. I guess the new one is better cause she doesn't have seizures. Their house is in his name and my neighbor feels he will soon come by one day while she is out and change the locks so she is getting her stuff out of there this weekend. She said he makes 120K a year, but he is asking for child support and money for himself. She has been a stay at home mom with 2 babies for the past couple of years with serious health issues, but she does have a degree and a career to return to. I asked her "Do your parents have a lot of money?"

Of course they do. Ka-ching!

Heartless bastid.

He said "Till death do we part" but he meant "Till you are less healthy/fun". Also, he found out he was going to have to pay $1700 a month in child support if she maintains custody. He didn't want to visit the kids, but he will rip them away from their mother to save that $1700 a month. He will have to pay for their daycare and many other things and the $1700 a month child support payments saved probably won't net him any profits, but at least the girl he abandoned won't get any of his 120K to spend on frivolities like food and shelter. She should have thought about all this before she went off growing tumors and shit. Am I right?

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