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2016-01-24 - 11:59 a.m.

I loves me a weekend. It is blissful to have this span of roughly 48 hours in which I don't have to do anything on a particular schedule. I can just meander through the hours doing whatever I choose. Really, I've set up my life in such a way that I have maximum freedom. Since I work from home, I am able to sleep right up until time to start working. I set my alarm for 12 minutes before time to begin my work day. I've set my start time for 9 am, so I am getting my best sleep while other people are getting ready and commuting into the harsh cold world. I did my time. Now I'm free.

Once I get out of bed, I wash my face and brush my teeth and go clock in. Then I do dog chores before I really get started on my work day. My dogs immediately start needing stuff, as soon as I am up. They have to eat, the older one has meds that I put into a cheese bite. So they get "cheese bites" after breakfast and then they get a treat. Then they need to go outside. I have to go out with them, because the older dog has separation anxiety and he requires an audience for his poopings. I have accepted this, so I play my role well, offering encouragement and profuse congratulations upon completion.

Then I make a nice cup of coffee for myself and start my work. I work in comfort, without a micro-managing boss over my shoulder. Life is grand. And yet I still have the nerve to look forward to the weekends and act like I need a break at the end of the week. I am blessed and grateful. I did my time with the life sucking commutes and daily hassles from bosses that should not have been in charge of their own shoelaces, much less anyone else's livelihood.

Unrelated puppy drama: Jax ate a bee. He was out in the yard playing and after a while, he came scratching on the door, so I went to let him in. He only scratches if he reeeeally wants in badly. So when I opened the door I saw that his whole face from the eyes down was swollen up like he had cotton balls stuffed in his cheeks. He also had swellings under his chin on each side. He looked ridiculous. Poor little feller. I called the vet to see if this was potentially deadly or anything and they said get him some children's liquid Benadryl to control the swelling. So I did this, post haste, and the swelling came down. He was still playful and wanted to eat, so I guess there was no harm done. This guy has a medical emergency every 6 minutes. It's unreal. They know us well over at the vet's office. Poor little mite has had more than his share of weird problems. He's all good right now though. I hope he has learned to be afraid of bees. I've got my bottle of Benadryl at the ready... just in case.

I posted a picture on my FB wall, so if you happen to be the one person who reads here and knows me in real life.. go look. haha. Ole puffy cheeks looks sort of irritated about the whole bee incident. I was going to post the picture here, but my d-land is saying my gold membership has run out. I thought I had it for a whole year. I must have taken a cheaper membership. ::sigh::

Time flies when you have a paid membership.


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