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2015-12-29 - 3:40 p.m.

Maid service is money well spent. My house is so fresh and clean right now. Every carpet has vacuum marks, every tile and wooden floor has been mopped and shined, every single item is dusted and straightened, nothing is out of place, trash cans are emptied, tubs, toilets, sinks all gleaming. Ah... it is good. So good. I'm washing all the bedding in the house because I like the smell of fresh laundry. That makes the rooms all smell extra nice. I keep a clean house, but until I hired this maid service I had to do everything myself after working my 3 jobs! I've got other things I'd rather do with that time.

My folks got me this awesome little Tens unit. It's an electric muscle stimulator. It shocks soreness out of muscles like nobody's business. You have to be careful where you put it... you can mess up your heart rhythm if you put it on your neck or chest and jangle your nervous system if you get it too close to the cervical spine, but on the shoulders and back its just a wonderful thing. I shocked my calves and almost got a charlie horse on one side. It was like... tetany. I felt like the frog in science class with the whole tetany thing. I love a nice little electrical shock. If you are wondering can this be used for evil instead of good... the answer is yes.



I shopped some after Christmas sales in a very specific manner. I knew exactly what I was going for and I got some good bargains. Last year I wanted this bare table top tree from Pier 1. It was 40 bucks before Christmas and only 20 bucks the day after, but I was too late to get one on sale. So this year, I went on the website and ordered one of them at half off before they ran out. Go me. I gave my sister one last year and paid full price for it. I might use it for special ornaments in future Christmases, but the tree is lovely just as it is with nothing on it. I could use it year round. I ordered myself a Harry & David basket at nearly 40% off. I shopped the big Teavana sale. They mark most teas down 50%. Some things are 75% off. I stock up one time a year. Why not, says a little says I.

Today I have a backlog of work like you wouldn't believe. I have to get back in there and start slinging codes. I promised to catch up during the week if New Boss let me be off Monday. I will be off Friday for New Years Day too. So this is a nice short week.

Yesterday I went on Google street view and roamed all over a few places I know. My nephew's car is in the driveway of my house on street view. It's odd because from one angle my house isn't built yet, but if you start on the older end of my street and inch forward, you can get to my house, and see his car in the driveway. I went to Philly and saw my guy's childhood home, all around it. I wonder if pop is going through with his plan to sell it. I went to my own childhood home in Colorado. It has gone downhill. It's not crappy, but it's not quite as nice as it could be. I went to my folks house and their garage door was up. Their car was not in it. My mom's azaleas were in bloom, so the google van must have been by in the spring. I also visited the Eiffel tower and some other big landmarks. Technology is awesome.


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