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2015-12-15 - 2:14 p.m.

I have finally got part of the staff that I need to manage my life. At last! There are two maids just a-cleaning all over the place even as I type this. The maid service is a franchised professional operation and they have a very regimented process of detailed cleaning. They do all kinds of great stuff at a very reasonable cost. They are going to be shining the stainless steel of all my appliances, wiping down all the cabinets, cleaning baseboards, shining all the chrome (good luck finding a piece of chrome in my house that isn't already shined within an inch of it's very life. I'm a stickler about water spots.) They are cleaning every surface, dusting every single thing, sweeping, vacuuming, scrubbing toilets, tubs, vanities, shining mirrors, cleaning the light bulbs over my vanity... it is endless and wonderful. I like every single thing to be clean, but I have less free time for that stuff now with all my many jobs going full swing. This is going to be so worthwhile. I wish I could send them over to my mom's house. I don't this company has a franchise in her town. I come from a long line of clean freaks.

Now... if I could just get myself a nanny it would be a perfect world. A nanny to take care of me. Then all I would need is a personal assistant to take care of my car, taxes, and little details of life. I want the nanny from Count Duckula but apparently you can't hire cartoon characters.

My work is fairly well under control right now. Though I do have a pile to get accomplished today. I'm getting a pretty good groove going with it now. I looked in for a little spot checking on my newest facility, and I see trouble spots already. It appears that they might be doing some things wrong, but that is good news for me, as it gives me an easy area to make quick improvements for my client.

I pretty much finished my Christmas shopping, except for odds and ends and some more delights for my sister. I went out to dinner with my nephew last night and I felt like a cave cricket emerging from the dark recesses of the cave. I'd been holed up like Bin Laden for days and days. I think I need a little smidge of balance in my life. I'm a Libra and that is our struggle. Balance.

I wish I could take all the things I love about my guy and magically place those things in a guy who is A) local and B) dependable and C) actually loves me. I miss the love, I miss his face, I miss Ralphie, I miss the connection we had. I don't miss the betrayal and the controlling behaviors.

Gotta go.

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