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2015-12-16 - 2:36 p.m.

The maids did a fantastic job. I am super happy with the service. They did all kinds of things I wasn't even expecting. You could do a white glove test around here and not find a speck of dust. Certainly worth every penny. I should have hired them a long time ago. I've been doing all that stuff myself!

I shouldn't have started an entry. I don't have time to write, really. I've got to pull a rabbit out of my ass for some big report that is due on one of my students. I have not even started it and it's going to be a horrible, lengthy task.

I've got a few urgent cases to review for a side job and I need to be doing it right now while I'm on a break from my main job. The powers that be (on the side job) very kindly put me on the payroll and retroactively paid me for a pay-period from before my start date with these 2 newest side facilities! I was very surprised about that. I think they did that because I was a guest speaker at their big meeting and I gave a talk about documentation requirements that involved some prep work and I did it without charging them, plus I've been feeding them info to keep them on track there with some other things. I guess it's their way of paying me for what I've done so far.

I have to get done on time today because I have a dinner date with a friend of mine. As long as her flight is on time we will be meeting up at 7 pm. She is the one who can drink 2 fishbowls fulla margarita and a couple of shots of Grand Mariner without getting krunk. Meanwhile, I'm giggly on one margarita and zero shots. We are going to that same restaurant and I will probably be doing a fair amount of giggling.

I took Dexter boy to the vet yesterday because I thought he had a gum infection and the vet told me that his gums are fine but his heart has got to go. My boy has a grade 4 heart murmur. They gave me a medication for him to help his heart function. The vet says it is probably a mitral valve insufficiency and it can be managed, but not cured. He says hopefully we can keep it from progressing. He said we will check him again in 6 months, as long as he doesn't start having symptoms of heart failure. So it's not exactly a death sentence, but it makes me realize what a sad time he is going to deal me one day, not as far off as I would hope.

Bleh. Cannot dwell on that.

No one on earth knows more about me than that dog. It's a good thing he can't talk.

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