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2015-12-13 - 2:30 p.m.

Hello beautiful world... I'm feeling pretty good today. This is a good, peaceful Sunday, I've gotten an amazing amount of good sleep which was much needed, and I'm feeling far less pressured today than I have of late.

Christmas is approaching fast and like every year, I am totally not ready. I have to do the rest of my shopping today and I think I'm going to attempt to do it all online. I've done a good bit of it... parents, nephew, daughter, niece, bro-in-law, and I've gotten one thing for my sister so far. We do a thing every single year that we call the "box-o-delights". We get each other a bunch of things that are just fun, interesting, or known favorite things, and we wrap it all individually and then put it all in a big box. I usually wrap hers in Christmas paper that says "Ho" all over it. Cause she a ho.

I have a bit of work to do this day as well. I want to have every little thing done so tomorrow won't be overwhelming. Mondays are always a work avalanche. Because stuff continues to happen on Saturday and Sunday so I basically have a pile up of weekend work to do for my main job and my 3 side jobs. Somehow I manage. But I do like to make sure there is nothing hanging around from the last week when the avalanche starts rolling on Monday.

It's been windy and rainy today and my dogs are not a fan of going out in the rain. I should put up a big patio umbrella out there off the porch so they can do their business without getting rained on. I am guessing they will not be super jazzed about the snow if we move to Colorado. Maybe I'll make a covered green house with grass floor so they can have a non-snowy potty place.

I've got to catch up my student reviews, check on my side facilities, and then finish my Christmas shopping. Santa knows my Christmas wish. I'm sure I won't get it (again). I am still on the naughty list. Maybe next year, huh Bwah?


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