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2015-11-25 - 12:40 p.m.

I'm slogging my way through this work day. I have to get everything completely squared away before I can leave, of course. I am probably going to end up driving tomorrow morning. Oh joy.

The best kind of validation at work just happened. Back story: There is an evil-doer who has her bluff in on my boss. She is targeting my boss for humiliation, because they are lateral employees and she has seniority. My new boss is too new to tell her to step off. While the target is not me, it creates a lot of shit storm for me to handle, because the evil-doer gives my boss a list of accounts with problems and I am the lucky soul who has to investigate and find the culprit.

Today I had to check on a list of discrepancies and it turns out it was clearly a mistake coming from the evil-doer's camp. Once again, if her people did their job right, she wouldn't have a list of discrepancies. It was very satisfying to turn in my findings. That's twice in a week that the evil-doer's digging has resulted in humiliation for herself. One would think she would decide to stop humiliating herself and possibly even try tending to her own lacking department for a change instead of nosing around in ours, but something tells me she is not going to do that. Not the brightest bulb, that one.

I cannot wait to get done and not think about work for 4 days. Early today I had to sit in on a conference call where they were explaining to us this year's creative way to screw us over on our benefits. I work for a multi-billion dollar company and the upper management people get bonuses in the millions while the regular workers get cut on benefits every year in some way so the company can save money. I am still well paid and my benefits are still adequate, but it's annoying to see some employees gifted with millions while others get stuff taken away. No one should be receiving a bonus while someone else in the same company is losing benefits.

This year they are changing our policy on PTO so that we have to use it by a certain date or else it goes into a bank that we cannot access unless we have a long illness. I am not sure what I think of that yet, but I feel like I can easily adapt myself to it. I think I'll start taking a scheduled day off every other week or something just to keep it used. It will give me a chance to run errands.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am thankful for so much. Other than being in love with someone who doesn't love me back and who hurt me and broke my heart and I can't get over it.... everything else in my life is pretty wonderful. I have a family who loves me, I have every material need, lots of options, opportunities, I'm free, privileged, as secure as possible in today's world, I am smart and capable and healthy, I bitch about my job, but I love my job and don't want to trade it. I have a side job that is a big payoff for a small effort, I'm well situated, I live in a dream house, I have talents, and I'm naturally happy most of the time. I had a rough patch here lately... but I'm back to happy. I usually have 2 days a month of "everything is shit". Totally hormonal. This time I was just sad because... well...I just was. Don't wanna go into it (and remind myself). You know who you are, sad-maker. heh

I think my work is do-able today and I could conceivably hit the road tonight though it seems much more likely I'll drive in the morning.

Have a happy Thanksgiving you people who come by here.

And for my German friend... have a Happy Thursday. :-)

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