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2015-11-23 - 9:55 p.m.


My mood has fallen and it can't get up...


I dislike it when people kick their pets out of the family for behaving like the species they belong to.

One ignorant asshole that I know got a boxer puppy for her son. When Christmas rolled around last year, the then 8 months old boxer pup ate a few Christmas presents. Whaddaya want??? It's a puppy. Puppies chew things. So the next thing you know this ass clown has posted a picture of her young son crying with his forehead pressed to the forehead of his best friend in the world, the pup who was being given away for acting like a pup. I shamed her until she relented and let her son keep his dog.

Now she is getting rid of her chihuahua girl who is one half of a pair of chihuahuas. This little dog has got to go because she is aggressive towards the male sometimes. Show me a female who is not aggressive occasionally to the males. Chihuahua or human, matters not. This little nervous chihuahua is being thrown out of the only home she has ever known for setting her boundaries with the boy chihuahua. I've sent a message trying to explain to the thoughtless twit that these two chis are going to miss each other terribly and it will be very disorienting for them both. I have absolutely had it with this ignorant redneck. I am going to unfriend her because I just don't want to see her bullshit anymore. I'm the reason her kid still has his best friend and I'm hoping the asshole changes her mind about getting rid of perfectly normal chihuahua.

I officially dislike this "friend". I dislike the whole attitude of "it's just a dog". Rednecks are notorious for not giving a flying fuck about animals and if you take them to task about it they will quickly tell you that the Lord gave man dominion over the animals. This is why their cruelty is justified.

I need to quit bitching.

It's almost Thanksgiving. I have so much to be happy and thankful for. And I am. I'm very grateful for my life and all the ways I've been blessed. I need to focus on that more and let the holidays wash over me like a gentle wave.

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