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2015-11-17 - 6:42 p.m.

Today started out muggy and warm. Sometime around noon-ish a rain came that blew in some November weather. It has been really nice lately - not hot and not cold - until a couple of days ago when it got too balmy for holiday season. It's great right now though. I love the cooler weather and the rain was a good thing too. It was like a torrential down pour for a bit. It got very windy outside and I thought the lights might go out but they didn't.

I would have been glad. I didn't want to work today.

I saw a hilarious transcription error today. It said the patient had "intracerebral hemorrhoids" (hemorrhoids in the brain) I wonder if that condition comes from a person having their head up their ass. One time I found an error in a report from a child psychologist that said "The patient doesn't play well with otters". I get a funny visual from that. One time a transcriptionist had typed this: "The patient makes a living working as a drunk driver." I suppose that's a good gig if you can get it. haha. She meant that he worked as a truck driver. I love my job.

Frontier Airlines is running a sale on airfare that has $29, $39, and $49 tickets for city to city flights. I saw flights between here and Philly, for 29 bucks. The price of that trip used to matter when my guy was coming and going. I could go to Denver for next to nothing, but there is a certain range of dates you have to book in and it's all winter flights. I don't want to fly into Denver during the winter. I don't love flying in great circumstances, but flying during icy conditions is asking for trouble.

My nephew requested that I make a pot of chili and so that is what we are having tonight. I won a chili cook-off with my chili. I'm a hot chili mama.

Tool is touring! Yay.

Oh, last night I dreamed that Cuba Gooding Jr was a con man and I was having to help him carry out a con. I felt bad about it, but I had no choice for some reason. I woke up tired from running a scam all night in my sleep. I hate when that happens.

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