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2015-11-16 - 6:10 p.m.

I made the best damn chicken pot pie that ever lived yesterday. That picture was taken very shortly before it's untimely end. Nephew lost his mind and chowed down with wild abandon, dogs were on full scale BEG mode, and I ate 2 pieces of it myself. It was crazy good.

I'm not a trained chef, but I can throw down some seriously good grub. This was not a low carb dinner. In fact, shame on me. Shaaaaaaame on me.

Let me just say the crust was flaky and delicious, the filling was so so so creamy, and the pie was full of fresh chicken that I cooked until it was fall apart tender, the gravy binding everything together was pure creamy goodness and there were peas and carrots in there for color and flavor. It was a magnificent bastard of a pie, if I do say so myself.

Puppy update: He's fine. I'm paranoid to let him play outside by himself now. He has been driving me crazy all day, barking at the door because he wants to play outside. I let him go out several times today, but he wants to stay out all day and I can't let him because I'm afraid he will lick a frog, eat a shroom, get stung by a bee, eat poisonous gifts from thugs, etc. I'm thinking of getting him a little muzzle so he can't eat stuff when he is outside. All this and it might have been a seizure. In fact, I wonder if it's possible that he deprived himself of oxygen so much while sleeping face down in his blankets that maybe he was disoriented from that. I wonder if that can happen. I wish he wasn't such a little kamikaze.

I've started Christmas shopping and as a result, I have bought myself some stuff and I've sent my folks a big fabulous edible arrangement from Harry and David just because they are good to me and I wanted to surprise them. It is a big assortment of goodies in a beautiful copper container. (such a good daughter am I) and I bought my nephew 2 great shirts and gave them to him immediately upon getting home. He needed some good shirts. Now I know he likes them and they fit him well, so I might get him some more for Christmas. But I need to stop giving away the gifts immediately after buying them. I won't have anything to give when Christmas rolls around at this rate.

My job is easier to handle now that my star student graduated my program. I still had too much to do in 8 hours today and I still have a bit to finish up. So here goes me!


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