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2015-11-18 - 5:13 p.m.

I may have to move to Colorado just so I can use Hemp oil. Like, hemp extract with THC. Not hemp seed oil. Big difference. The health benefits of real hemp oil, made from the buds of a certain strain of pot plant, (not hemp seeds) are apparently numerous and miraculous. It straight up cures cancer. It appears to correct cell damage without harming healthy cells and without side effects as one would get from chemo and radiation. I don't have cancer, but why not use a supplement that kills cancer? That should be on everyone's to do list. The oil also regulates blood sugar, reduces inflammation, and ends other health issues, according to some info I recently took in from several sources.

It makes sense to me, it rings true, and it's kind of like believing in Jesus... if the believer is wrong about Jesus, no harm done. If the unbeliever is wrong about Jesus, they're screwed come judgment day.

There's no harm in using the hemp oil as a daily supplement. Can't hurt. Can only help. I believe it enough to add it to my daily regimen. As a person who never wants to have cancer, I think it's worth doing. I don't think Texas will be legalizing it any time soon. In the mean time... I vacation in Colorado every year. You can just walk in a store and buy it there. But you can't legally take it across state lines. ::sigh::

What's a girl to do?

I'm fired up about another topic, but I think I'll save that rant for another day. I posted a little rant about ISIS on the book of face and upset a left wing bleeding heart nimrod. We had a little debate on her thread and when I completely won the debate, she deleted the whole thing because that's what she does when reality interrupts her delusion. I've just about had it with idealists who don't know we are at WAR.

My next comment to her was going to be "Bitch PLEASE. You can't even take care of YOURSELF." but the thread was gone. LOL

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