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2015-11-13 - 3:51 p.m.

I had to call the cops yesterday because the thug that cut my water hose during the summer after I wouldn't give him 40 bucks to "help the kids" came back yesterday with 2 more thugs and they all hooted and jumped around like aggressive animals at my front door when I told them to shuffle off because I wasn't going to donate to their "cause". They were very aggressive and I could see their bad intentions plainly behind their grins. Their body language said it's a good thing I didn't open the door.

I told them that they need to pick another neighborhood because they've worn out their welcome in this neighborhood. I said "You guys come around here way too often and now everyone out here is ON TO YOU." I know that I should not anger these guys because they are straight up criminals. These are not salesmen. They are aggressive, persistent, criminals who get mad when the mark says "No". They will damage property and I would not put it past them to commit violent crimes.

I didn't open the door. I have this awesome castle door on my house and it is super tall and has a little window that I'm not quite tall enough to comfortably look through. But I get on my tippy toes and can see and talk to whoever is outside without opening the door. As soon as I brushed them off and shut that little window, I called the cops and gave a full description. They sent a car out to look for the guys. I'm going to call the Sheriff's department every time I see them. Maybe if they notice the cops come out every time they come out here they will pick a different neighborhood.

Personal note to C: I was telling my mom about these thugs coming back and she said "Maybe it's time for C to come back for another stay. I bet if he answered that big ole door and was nearly as tall as it is those crooks would scramble trying to get away. They'd be scared to come back!" I think she is right. They probably would just stop coming here if they thought you might be inside.

Nephew wants to rough them up and threaten them with a gun or something. I have forbidden that because I don't want a band of thugs declaring war on us. I'm alone here a lot. Nephew went out looking for them yesterday despite my warnings. When he got back, I told him that if he threatens them, it will just piss them off and instead of plotting to come back and get the white boy, they will plot to come back when he is not around and get his mama. They think he's my son.

I am getting a Sig pretty soon. Like maybe at Thanksgiving. I'm thinking a Sig 9mm is best for me. I know a guy who has a nice Sig and it has lights on the end of the barrel for night aiming, it fits in my hand very nicely. I don't want to shoot anyone and if I ever have to it will haunt me, but I would not hesitate to shoot someone who breaks in. This is the wrong house, thugs.

I'm getting a lock for my gate too. They can just climb over it if they really want in my yard, but I have a 6 foot privacy fence so it's a hassle that will likely stop them unless they are after revenge. So far those guys are just going door to door asking for money. A locked gate would be more likely to make them pick a different house rather than climb. I worry that they will get one of my dogs or something. Or leave my gate open so my dogs run off. I wish they would just never come back.

So that's what is going on in my world right now.

If I suddenly stop writing in here, you'll know they got me. heh

I kid.


Totally getting that. ^

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