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2015-11-15 - 12:00 a.m.

So get a load of this: I just got home, at 11:45 pm from the emergency vet with my little sweetheart puppy, Jax. He was fine all day, played outside a lot. When I was cleaning up after dinner, I decided to give the boys some meat that was leftover from dinner. Dexter was all over it and scarfed up his share immediately and Jax didn't come in so I went to let him in from the back yard. Then I noticed he was on the couch, laying very still. Still enough for me to check to make sure he was breathing. He was face down in his blanket and it was hard to wake him up. When he picked up his head, he was twitching, his head was wobbling, and his tongue was hanging out. His ears were straight back and his eyes were closed to slits, but he didn't seem to react to my voice, his name, or anything else. He was pretty much unresponsive and it was like he was not awake. It was just like when a dog is chasing rabbits in their sleep. Sometimes they open their eyes, but they are not awake. This is how he seemed. So I did what any normal puppy mama would do, I freaked completely out. Then I called the emergency vet, took him in and his symptoms continued there. His head was wobbling and he was very jerky with his movements and very skittish of the people there. Normally he is not skittish at all. He's a love sponge and always wants to make friends. It was very odd how he was acting.

They asked me a million questions, took a blood panel, his heart rate was low but his blood was fine, no issues with his internal organs. We were there for hours and over that time he more or less normalized. They officially think he either ate something toxic, or he has seizure disorder. They gave him activated charcoal to absorb any toxins in his system and now we are back home and he seems fine.

I think if someone had actually thrown something poisonous over the fence, he would be dead. They would have put something toxic enough to definitely kill him. But was I not JUST worrying about those thugs possibly coming back around to harm my dogs? I wonder if they threw something over the fence. Like meat with some kind of poison on it. Otherwise, I cannot imagine what he could have possibly eaten to make him sick. There's no meds that he can reach in the house. I don't have any poisonous houseplants. I just can't imagine what he could have gotten. I think maybe it was a seizure.

I'm thankful my little guy is ok now. Even though they raped my wallet at the ER vet. This dog has already had his fair share of terrible health issues.

I'm going to go play with my little sweet guy. He is dragging his latest crinkle toy around.

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