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2015-11-12 - 10:28 a.m.

My star student passed her test and has now graduated from my program!! I am happy for her, but I am super happy for me because I don't have to review every speck of her work anymore. Yay!! That means, I'm one student down and only have 2 students creating numerous barriers to my work getting done each day. That's one big pressure OFF.

I had to be on a conference call with my boss and my not-so-swift other student this morning first thing, because she keeps sending out mass emails and stirring up shit storms. She has been warned not to send out mass emails about departmental issues and yet she persists. Another big debacle went down yesterday because she emailed God and everybody (again) about some non-issue and got the whole food chain riled up for nothing. I had to talk my boss down off the ledge. She was ready to write her up and she threatened to fire her from the program if she does that one more time. I told her our speshul student is timid and does whatever the person in front of her says, so she relented and we went over the process again with our slow learner how she only needs to listen to us. We are her chain of command. She is to notify me and/or my boss before she sends out any emails about our department. No more alerting the press when she can't find her own ass in the dark. I think we've got it under control now, but that really remains to be seen. My boss said "These emails that go to everyone in the company are not helping anyone." hahaha I felt like we were tag-teaming her, or that she would think so, when really, I stood in the gap between her and certain destruction after this latest debacle. Girlfriend better recognize.

I cannot believe it is Thursday already. This week has flown by. I found that the person who was "covering" for me during my vacation screwed everything up and I have been re-doing all the "work" she did in my absence. I had to go case for case and re-do every one of them. At one point I thought I was being punked. I mean, it was ludicrous. It takes real skill to screw up to that magnitude. I genuinely have no idea how it all happened. We have to put the codes in 2 different systems and we cannot get claims paid without both sets of codes. She didn't do both sets of codes on any of the cases. She did one or the other. Then as I got to checking codes, they were wrong. I sent her an email and just straight up asked her what happened. She has not responded yet. She is not doing any more covering for us.

That'll teach me to go on a vacation.

I must be a slow learner too, because I'm already planning my next one. Estes Park, Colorado, Summer 2016! Cannot wait.

I'm loving this day. For some reason, I am hap hap happy right now. I feel good, it's breezy and cool in my office. The weather is awesome. I'm healthy and happy and wise. I'm valued at work. My work load has been lightened a speck. I have everything I need except the narcissist who destroyed me twice but whom I still love because I'm clearly not smart. I accept me, flaws and all. Thanksgiving is around the corner and then Christmas. It's payday. I love my house. I'm thinking of hiring a maid. I have people in my life who love me. Married men and crazy people think I'm hot. I'm getting a massage a week from today. This is a happy ramble. I need a couple of happy eggs before I fall out in a happy faint.

You know what I need? I needs me an android like Jude Law played on Prometheus. A handsome android who is exactly like a human, but never sleeps so he could guard the place at night while I sleep. He's an android, so he's trust-able. The human flesh and the ego do not exist to make him do stupid and hurtful things. He won't get sick or have a heart attack. I can program him to tell me stories and be a good companion. He wouldn't have any negative feelings about being asked to do things for me. He wouldn't get tired. He could be programmed to give me a massage every day and he wouldn't mind at all.

Come on technology! Mama needs an android!!

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