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2015-10-31 - 10:26 p.m.

Guess what I did? I took a big fat Metformin pill so I could eat a little Halloween candy. That is a terrible, terrible mistake to make. I won't fully explain why. Let's just say when you take Metformin and eat sugar, bad things happen. Very bad things happen... And happen... And happen some more.

I know how to guarantee a really scary Halloween.

I don't want to talk about it.


In other news, I watched a couple of shows about people who were looking for an off the grid property to buy and it made me want to start looking. I would love to have a house with solar panels and wind turbines, a water well, a garden, some land, etc. I can make that happen and I think my next home is very likely going to be something self sustaining. I also saw people looking to buy a tiny home and I do not understand the concept of wanting to be in a tiny home of 500 square feet or less. Those ridiculously small homes cost more than my big nice house. I don't understand the mindset. What is good about that? No place to put your stuff... yay! Square footage too small to hold normal sized furniture... awesome! People be crazy.

I absolutely love my house, but it's an investment and I'll cash this sucker out one day and move on up.

Happy Halloween!!

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