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2015-10-24 - 11:01 p.m.

I had some white lightening today. It was an experience. Actually, I had a really fun time with that. They have these moonshine distillery places all around here and you can have a free "tasting". They kind of get you drunk for free. Especially if you happen to be a lightweight. Here's the deal: There are 3 large round bar areas in the place I went to. As many people as can fit around the bars stand there with their legal ID out and before each person, the drink pourer places a communion cup. Then this very skilled drink pourer fills every cup to the absolute brim with moonshine. All the drink pourers are funny and they lead us to do things like slam the shot and yell HELL YEAH, or turn around and scream HEY at the next table. Each circular bar has a good 20 - 25 people, I would guess. It's loud and rowdy in there.

Our guy was fun. His name is Tadpole. He started us off with 100 proof white lightening. Jim Tom white lightening. It didn't taste as awful as I was expecting. He explained that this would be very warm going down and would "kick you in the chest". Then he yells "SLAM IT". We slammed it.

It was indeed very, very warm. This would be good if you were cold in the winter and needed to warm up. The whole inside of my body felt hot. Then, we had another shot of white lightening. I guess those 2 shots get you off to a pretty good start and makes the rest taste better. After the second one, we had a shot of blackberry moonshine. It tasted a bit like cough syrup. Then Lemonade... like a lemon drop. It was pretty good. Then "Sweet tea". That one was shockingly good. It smelled and tasted like sweet tea. I really liked that.

We went on to have shots of "Apple pie", "butterscotch", "Fireball", and "Peach". Nine mini shots of moonshine. I was BUZZED. It was a lot of fun. Me, my sister, and her husband were the only drinkers. My folks were there and I know my dad wanted to do it because he likes moonshine, but he was driving so he didn't. After we left there, we walked around a little more and then went to a restaurant and at the restaurant, there was a distillery right next door. We could have gone and done it again. You could walk around this place and drink all day for free. It's very effective, because you want to buy the stuff when you get done slamming 9 mini shots and your inhibitions and worries about spending too much have just evaporated like so much alcohol out of an open bottle of Southern Comfort. My sister bought 3 jars of moonshine. I didn't buy any. My folks came out here last year for their vacation and bought a jar of it.

Fun times.

There's no howling chupacabra outside my window tonight. The dog/coyote from last night has been upgraded to chupacabra status now. I almost decided it was a banshee but for now we're going with chupacabra. It finally quieted down last night and I slept well. No such noises have occurred tonight.

The restaurant we went to was really good. You choose whatever meat you want off the menu and then they give you everything else to go with it. Like, everything is included. Drinks, dessert, salad, 2 kinds of bread, mashed potatoes, vegetables. It is very good food. That place was crowded the whole time we were there. The wait was never less than an hour and a half. We kept hearing people say "An hour and a half!" But we actually got seated quicker than that. My folks always go there when they are in this town. It was great. I'm still full. I committed the sin of corn fritter. And the sin of mashed potatoes. And the sin of the pecans off the top of a slice of pecan pie and the crust too. I left the sugary goo. I will remove all carbs from my life when I get home. My shoulder hurts and I wish I had someone to rub it for me.

Everyone is having a good time.

I have to go back out and mingle with the others.


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