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2015-10-23 - 11:39 p.m.

Oh, what a couple of days. I'm exhausted. I love the GPS in my car. Very, very handy. I feel like I could just go anyplace using that navigation system. Since the drive was about 14 or 15 hours, the plan was to drive as long as I could stand it on day 1 and have not so far to go on day 2. We drove until after 3 am. I wanted to stop at a hotel and have time to get 6 or 7 good hours of sleep before having to get up and out before check out time. It worked out pretty good except by the time I got in bed it was 5 am and then I just could. not. sleep. I guess I was too psyched up to sleep. So today I feel like someone took my eyes out and dried them with a rough towel and stuck 'em back in the sockets. Soon I'll go to bed and hopefully snooze like the wind.

There are 2 animals making weird noises right under my window, so that's super awesome. I think they are hunting dogs. It's a weird whining sound. We are in the woods, on a mountain side, in a fantastic, huge, fabulous cabin. There are 5 master suites and each room has it's own balcony, big TV mounted to the wall, Jacuzzi tub, separate shower, king size bed, walk in closet. The cabin has 7 bathrooms and there's a movie theater in here. There is an arcade in here and I learned that I am surprisingly good at the arcade game with the hoops and basketballs. It's like a skee ball set up, but you make baskets. I was mopping the floor with people. For some reason, I can just score baskets over and over and over. I'm good at shooting targets too. There's a poker table, a pool table, air hockey, foosball, pinball, basketball and yet another big TV. The cabin has a kitchen and living room on each level and giant porches with rocking chairs and a beautiful view. There's also a hot tub out on one of the porches, and a big grill. This is quite a set up. I've eaten nothing but salad and a few bites of quesadilla and I feel .... eh... unhungry. I didn't eat dinner tonight. I think I'm too tired to eat. I'm sure I'll be ravenous tomorrow.

We saw some beautiful fall leaves on the way here and I'm hoping they get more colorful over the next couple of days. It's not quite the peak of color just yet, but it should be by now. It's still beautiful up here. My room is very nice.

This dog or whatever it is needs to shut it's piehole so I can sleep. You'd think it would get tired of hearing itself yarp. It's not a barking sound it's like a hunting dog noise. Almost like a howl, but it gets really loud and piercing. Oy vey. It sounds like there are two and they are standing right outside my window. It might be coyotes. So weird.

I'll tell you something I've learned about Tennessee people. They love them some pancakes. You can't swing a dead cat around here without hitting a pancake house.

I need to sleep or die. Hopefully it will be sleep.

So tired.


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