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2015-10-26 - 12:27 a.m.

In this large opulent cabin in the woods there are 5 master suites, and 2 extra bathrooms. In 7 bathrooms, there was not one hair dryer to be found. I picked one up in town today so I wouldn't have to air dry my hair the slow way again.

Each master suite has a Jacuzzi tub, so I ran my huge tub full of nice hot water and hopped in. I was relaxing in the tub when I noticed a couple of thin, filmy dark shreds of something floating in my bath with me. I thought I must have carried it in on my feet or something. Then I hit the button to start the jets. At this point, to my absolute horror, more of the dark seaweed type stuff was shooting out the jets and swirling around me. It was apparently something in the jets. Some type of mold or who knows what.


I jumped out and took all my bath stuff and soap and towels and stuff to the shower. I got in the shower, got my hair all lathered up and then the very last bit of the hot water ran out, rather quickly. I had to rinse myself off in ice cold water. Invigorating is not quite the word for it. ::flat stare::

Well, at least I have a hair dryer. So I broke out the hair dryer, plugged it in, and started drying my hair. Ahhhh... nice hot a... the fuse blew. Now the electrical outlet doesn't work until I go find the breaker box and correct switch. Guess who ain't trying to do that shit tonight?

So I'm laying here with my fully wet hair, not all that glad I bought a hair dryer. I almost brought mine from home but thought there was really no chance there wouldn't be a hair dryer here. ::nother flat stare::

I'm watching a late replaying of The Walking Dead right now and let me just say NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.



My show is getting heavy. I'm gonna have to sign off and give it my full attention.

Good grief. Is this episode called "All is LOST"????

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