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2015-10-20 - 2:40 p.m.

Today I was realizing just how much work I've got to do to be able to leave for my trip. I have way too much work to do. I was feeling pretty stressed out from the sheer volume of work and the fact that there is a software malfunction that is randomly popping up and making it impossible to final the accounts and move to the next thing. I had to call the "No Help Desk" and true to form, they were no help. I felt like my blood pressure was going up and I was considering having a cry, but since time was short I just pulled myself together and kept going but I remembered that my buddy gave me the remainder of her Xanax prescription for emergencies (har har) and I took two of them.




Will I get my work done? Maaaaaaaaybe. Do I care? Significantly less than before I took the Xanax. I'm able to work, and I am closing out some cases that I know won't be harmed by not having every fart and hang nail coded. It helps to not have the anxiety of what else do I have to do? Is there time? etc.

Found out today that the retention bonus I got on my recent paycheck was only half what it should have been and they are sending out the other half right away. This means my two week paycheck was just plain silly with abundance. It's like a windfall. haha

I need to go take a shower for the rest of this late lunch break. I have to take a puppy to get shots today.

Later gators


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