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2015-10-19 - 10:19 a.m.

I was asked to model clothes for a fall event in town. I get asked to do this every year and I really hate to do it. I did it once, for this same company, but I kind of feel like I've been there and done that. Check it off the list and move on. They were all kinds of persistent with it this time. I told them "I'm leaving town" and they told me that's ok, they've got 3 dates in November when they'd like to have me come model clothes. I said "The 7th is my daughter's birthday..." and she said "We still have 2 more dates." I'm NOT doing it, lady. LOL. I said that on the inside. On the outside I said "Let me think about it." ::sigh:: Not doing it.

They can't make me.

I am feeling a little overwhelmed because I have SO much to do before I leave town on Thursday of this week. I feel like I can't get it all done. The truth is there's only a thing or two on the list that are non-negotiable items. The rest are optional. I must get my younger dog a shot before I can board him. That has got to happen, or no trip. His appointment is tomorrow. I must get all my work done in advance of leaving. That one is a bitch. But I'd like to go buy some clothes, maybe a coat, maybe some shoes. I need to make sure my laptop is good to go, I have to map out my route and print my cabin instructions. I need to gather up some work stuff to take with me since I'm going to sign in and work for my side job a little here and there. I need to delete some photos out of my phone. I've already gotten my cash and my low carb snacks and a case of water that I'm bringing. I might bring my Keurig. I wish they made a travel Keurig that wasn't over 100 dollars. I'm thinking of getting a smaller one for the trip but I hate to spend whatever it costs just to have my preferred coffee on a week long vacation. ha. Conspicuous consumption, anyone?

So then my friend wants me to go to Las Vegas with her. She asked me already and I had to decline because the trip was set for immediately following my vacation. I'll be lucky to get bathroom breaks when I get back, much less another trip right away. The Vegas trip has been postponed to a later time and she wants me to "come out and play". I might. I am hesitant to say yes though, because it's right during the holiday season and I am busy more weekends than not during that time, plus I don't like to fly when there is a possibility of ice. I'm not trying to die. I know flights happen every day during the icy season and people don't die every time. It's just a concern.

One year when I was flying in to Denver there was a hail storm and my flight home was delayed a day or two due to NUMEROUS HOLES IN THE WINGS of the entire fleet of Frontier airplanes. I think the hail happened right after we landed. We weren't pelted in the sky as far as I know. But still. Holes in the wings is a sobering thought. I used to be afraid of flying, but I've accepted it since I've had to do it my entire life. I fly twice a year at a bare minimum. That's a lot for a person who hates to fly.

I'm driving on this vacation... for like humpteen hours. I am not sure how many "humpteen" is, but it's a lot. Trust me. My mom's house is right on the route, so I think I'm going to go spend the night at her house and break up the trip 5 hours in. Then the next day I'll be just like a little ray of sunshine, driving out at the ass crack of dawn, all joyful and glad to be awake at an ungodly hour. That last sentence is an example of unrealistic optimism. I probably won't be physically dangerous to my co-travelers, since I'll be really tired and a little butt hurt about the hour, and I may fall slightly short of "sunny".

Dangerspouse goes shopping at 6:00 am on a Saturday. Inconceivable! That is the true sign of a sick mind. The only way I would go shopping at 6:00 am would be if I was still out. I'm a total night owl in a world of early birds. I'm getting my best sleep at 6 am.

I'm thinking I'd better get back to my list of doom so I don't create a crisis for myself.


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