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2015-10-14 - 6:33 p.m.

My nephew had to break some news to me today. He loaned his tuition money ALL to his father and his dad hasn't paid him back in time (and maybe never will) to get his fees paid for his classes which were supposed to be starting in a week. He's going to wait for Spring semester to start. ::sigh::

Some of this is Father of the Year's fault for being a sorry piece of... addict. Some of this is a convenient way for the boy to avoid starting school for a few more months. I mean, I was born at night but I wasn't born last night. He's not all that excited to knuckle down and tend to business.

Still, it hurts my heart to see my nephew try to explain that he thought his dad would come through and pay him back. He isn't surprised when his dad rips off a scumbag drifter or some crackhead loser he knows, but he thought his dad would not screw his own kid over like this and use up his tuition money. He said "The thing about it is.... the thing that hurts me...." then he just stopped talking and didn't want to say any more. These are the moments when I could go strangle me a junkie. But this kid loves his father. He is between a rock and a hard place. What would I not do for my father?

So I told the boy that come spring semester there is no excuse good enough to get around signing up for spring semester and this time, he's just got to do what has to get done in order to succeed because he is going to need to make a career for himself that will support himself and probably take care of his dad. As long as the addict lives, he will always be a burden on this kid that he has hurt and lied to and let down over and over and over. I cannot and will not make him feel unwanted. He gets on my nerves sometimes, he drinks up all the bottled water and eats up all the chicken salad, but we're going to keep on keeping on.

In the spring, if he doesn't start school, I'm going to figure he is choosing the blue collar lifestyle. In the meantime, since he has a few months to kill, he needs to get promoted at work so he makes more and if he decides against school he can struggle along at the lower wage that missing out on education gets you. He told me vehemently that he is going to do school and get a good paying job because he doesn't want to struggle financially his whole life. We shall see.

I have a son. Somebody throw me a baby shower.

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