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2015-10-13 - 10:45 a.m.

Music manipulates my emotional state. I notice that certain sounds in music, the way one chord changes to another, (usually the minor chords more than non-minor chords) reproduces in me the same feelings as romantic love and I find myself missing the one I love when those songs come on. I don't even have to be aware of it. I just suddenly realize I'm thinking of him, or I'm mentally replaying a scene that we lived. We had some... scenes to remember. There's this one in particular that I like to think about...

But the music is necessary for me. I can also use it to my benefit, tweaking my moods with it. I can get energy from it, I can cheer myself up with it. Music makes me feel happy and contented while I work every day. My Pandora channel is great because I'm fine tuning on it every day. I've discovered some music I didn't know before through Pandora. They sneak something in on me every now and then and I usually give it a chance unless it makes me bristle right off the bat. There is a band called OSI that I am liking. There is a song called "Head" that is a good representation of what I like about them. Their music has a lot of interesting influences in there. They sound like Tool, APC, and NIN had a cool love child. It's got some oddities thrown in there and I don't love everything I've heard by them, but the singer's voice is very chill and laid back. The music has this almost ambient vibe to it with a Tool-ish edge. The songs I hear on Pandora by them have grown on me I guess. The first song I came to know by them was "Cold Call" I'm hearing that right now.

I have to set up my dogs kennel reservations today. I am worried about leaving them at the kennel because they will be in the same enclosure and if their food is left in a bowl 2 things will happen: 1.) The baby will scarf up all the food and my old boy won't get any. 2.) The baby tends to get choked if he has access to a bowl of food. He gobbles it down too fast. For this reason, I feed the 2 of them simultaneously with a plastic fork, alternating bites. They sit there like gentlemen and seem to understand when it's the other guy's turn for a bite. It's funny. But Kennel Lady is not too likely to do that. She does hand feed Dexter lunch meat and cheese, because he makes it a strict policy not to touch dog food while he is locked up. I would say it's a hunger strike, but he can't resist when the lunch meat and cheese comes out. His resolve just goes right out the window. He is more likely to eat his food this time, because he has to compete with the baby for every bite. I guess we shall see. It bothers me though, to think of leaving them for a week.


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