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2015-09-28 - 12:33 p.m.

After wishing and wishing for rain, we finally had a day and night of completely opaque skies, overcast as could be... right on the one night of the year that I really wanted a clear night sky. I didn't get to see the super moon eclipse. Not a shred of it. Too cloudy. Boo. I missed it and the next time it happens will be many years away. Oh well... I saw plenty of pictures of it. That will have to do.

I'm swamped under at work, so this will be short and semi-sweet. It can't be fully sweet because the main thing on my mind is the fact that one of my students is an IDIOT. haha. Not a sweet sentiment. I kid... she is not really an idiot. She can dress herself and she conducts herself in a mostly normal manner. She is a college graduate. She just can't code for shit. People are not born knowing this stuff. She will just need a lot of help.

I checked a pile of her work yesterday and she only got 1 right out of... many. One. She didn't even do that one perfectly. She just got the main stuff right. On one. She threw in some crazy codes that should not have been there under any circumstances. She had the entirely wrong code for some things. One she threw in was tiered, so it would have resulted in a higher payment level than it should have been. I'm kinda worried. We shall see if I can teach her.

My other student sent me a humongous pile of work after I thought I had gotten totally caught up on her site. She claims she tried to send it last week and it didn't go through. So I wrote her an email and said "I quit. I'm outta here. Bye Felicia."

I have to be all caught up to the minute before I end the work day Wednesday, because I'm going on a road trip. My buddy and partner in crime is also swamped to the eyeballs and saddled with an idiot. So we took the time to commiserate on the phone today.

Happy Monday, Gentle Reader.

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