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2015-09-16 - 4:01 p.m.

I was going to go to the dreaded and reviled DMV today. I asked for the time off to do it and added the caveat that I might not do it today. I might just pick another day during the next 2 weeks. I knew I might wake up with zero inclination to go through with it. Sure enough... I just can't DMV today. I physically cannot. You have to jump through your ass to drive a car in this country but any inept asshole can be a parent.

I'm tired today because I was up way too late last night. I have got to go to bed earlier tonight. I am a no-sleepin mofo. I have to make myself go to sleep.

I read about some really good eye drops from Japan and I ordered some from Amazon. There are several different formulas to choose from and I got the one that says "cooling". These eye drops feel like menthol in my eyes. Very pepperminty all up in the orbs. I dig it. I am a pro with eye drops. I became very adept at applying the eye drops when I was a pot smoking ne'er do well. I like these drops. They energize my eyes when I'm tired.

My new job employer wants me to attend a meeting about 5 hours from here. I don't think I'm going to go. I might go to one of their meetings at some point, but I've got too much going on at the end of this month when they want to have this meeting and I'm already taking off work around that time for my birthday and again at the last week of October for vacation, so I'm not about to keep pushing for more time off from job #1. I'm going to take my laptop and keep up my side jobs while I'm on vacation.

My mom's sister has a sort of a competition going on in her mind. She'd like to believe that her daughter is more successful than my sister and I. My cousin IS successful. I'm very proud of her. She and I are so much alike that we consistently choose the same ring tones for our phones. We don't compete with each other, but her mom likes to keep it established that she's more successful. (even though she's not.) I have compassion for my aunt because it's a personal problem for her. She feels bested if it comes out that me or my sister are doing better and it's no skin off my nose to let her win that one. My mother has gotten a little sensitive about it and so now she doesn't tell my business as much as she used to. (there's an upside!) She would love to tell the tale about my newest acquisition but she told me that if she tells it, her sister will have to find a way to top it and she doesn't want to stress her out like that. LOL

They are all meeting us at the cabin this fall. It will be very interesting to see if my mom blurts when my laptop comes out and I start working during the vacay.

Speaking of work... I better get after it.


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