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2015-09-15 - 5:44 p.m.

Last night I was reading some astrological materials for the month of September and October and it said that I am coming into my annual personal pleasure peak, AND Saturn has fookin finally left my money house! So the flood gates are fidna open. Something changes in October and it becomes a major financial KABOOM to the positive. This is good news to me because I am a greedy little duck and it is exciting to me when I achieve a goal. I’m a goal oriented person. My bwah thought I was too much devoted to my career, and sho nuff I might be headed for a burnout when I get all my side work spread out before me and see how much time my hiney is going to have to be in this computer chair to get it all done. Especially since I won't have my true love to handle part of the burden of work. But hey! Bring it, says I.

My one side job really doesn't take much of my time. Many days I don't have to do anything whatsoever for them. Unfortunately it piles up on Mondays. All my facilities are hectic on Mondays. It's a work avalanche and that will be much worse when I add the third job. hahaha. I just have to brace myself for the fact that Monday is all about work and nothing else. I'll have to just back my ears and get after it. No playing on Mondays.

So today, this very day, I have nailed down that third job. I've got another free standing business in need of my services. The new place opens at the end of this month if there are no further delays. They are very excited about bringing me on board. This is a good bargain for them. They escape paying a big salary and benefit package for a corporate level credentialed person and I get a sizable extra paycheck every 2 weeks whether I have stuff to do for them or not. It's one of the few things in life that is really and truly a win/win situation. I can do this work on my lunch break or in the evenings after my first job is done.


::celebration twerk::

If you can't have love, you might as well have money, right? It is fascinating and fun, like a hobby, to build my own personal business. I am interested in seeing where it can go and I have plenty of time for working due to my lack of love life. ha!

Personal note: This was the dream I had for me and you. I dreamed it up, I brought it to life. Of course, I envisioned that you would be by my side, doing some of the work and I'd be doing the corporate stuff which would provide full benefits for both of us until our own business grew to the point that we could afford to cut that security loose. If you had stayed the course, neither of us would have had to put in 8 hours a day, but we would have been financially set. This dream of mine wasn't a long shot. It wasn't iffy at all. It was a matter of making a plan and working that plan. And now I've had to do it all without you. I do still wish you were with me.

Being apart and having you struggle the rest of your life while I achieve our dreams without you is like watching you drown on the shore in the shallow water when you could have just stood up and not drowned.

It's not all about money, but money is fun, dammit. And I gots all the lurve too.

And cookies.

Don't forget the cookies.

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