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2015-09-12 - 6:10 p.m.

I really hate to admit what I'm about to admit. I scratched my brand new car. ALREADY. Even better, I hit my nephew's car while trying to back out of the garage. Yes, the car was warning me that it was close. Beep, beep, beep, beep beep.... I knew it was close, but I thought I could clear it. It seemed like such a gentle touching of the two bumpers, but when I got out and looked, the paint is scraped off a spot on my bumper, all the way down to the metal. It's a small vertical scrape on the corner of the bumper. I went to the dealership and to a body shop for estimates. I went to a third place, but they close at noon on a Saturday, fer the love o pete. It's looking like it'll be a good 400-500 bucks to completely erase this scrape.

My nephew can't get used to the idea of parking on his side of the driveway, far back from the garage door, so I can come and go easily. I've only been mentioning it to him for 3 years so I've probably only said it 900 to 1200 times and we can't expect a fellow to just snap to it and internalize a crazy concept like that right off the bat.

Nephew will be parking on the road in front of the house instead of the driveway from now on. I've bitched about his parking and struggled to get out of my driveway around his car since he was 17 and now he is 20. Suddenly today, I'm done. I'm just over it. No more parking in my driveway. I didn't make him park on the road sooner because I am too nice and apparently too optimistic. (read: too stupid)

My friend who might buy a house over here came over today and we were going to go look at the model homes for my neighborhood but we never made it there. We just visited and went out for sushi. She is a bad influence. I need to get her off carbs. She's a drinker too. When I had the one margarita and got loopy, she had 2 big margaritas and 2 shots of Grand Mariner. She wasn't even drunk. I would have been dead under the table with X's on my eyes if I drank that much.

Next week my boss (New boss)is coming to town to do the initial training for my new student and the 3 of us are going out to dinner on Thursday evening. After that initial training, I will have to do all the reviews and teach this woman how to code for rehab. I will be so happy to be done coding for that facility. There is an unnecessary senior management person whose hobby is looking for fault at that site. She has her nose all up in stuff that is none of her concern and she creates animosity and superfluous work for everyone, every where she goes. All the facilities that know her, dread her. So last week I had to go through a long list of old cases and explain why I placed them in the neurologic category. (Because the physician gave a neurologic diagnosis for the primary diagnosis. That's why.) After I took up hours doing that, she had another list and wanted to know detailed explanations about things that I don't want to take the time to explain here... but it was again, in each case, things that had to be that way. They were all no brainers, there was no fault to assign. All she does is eat up everyone's time. But I'll make a pile of money at time and a half doing the work I should have been doing while I was wasting time on her bullshit project. My boss is too new to the company to tell the jackass to go scratch, because they are lateral and new boss needs to not shake the boat. As a result, we have to put up with some crap from this twat who needs a new hobby. But then we get unlimited OT, so ka-ching. Silver lining!

Time to go whip up a little dinner.


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