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2015-09-13 - 1:47 p.m.

It's a beautiful Sunday!! The weather is fantastic today. It's 81 degrees and only 39% humidity, so that means it's unseasonably cool for this part of the country. It's going to get hot again. Every year we get psyched by an unseasonably cool day and everyone just wishes it could stay nice, but the real permanent change doesn't happen till later in the year. The terrible heat is mostly over though. We will have nice mornings and nights. I'm looking forward to going to the Smoky Mountains for Autumn leaf looking and family stuff. It will be fun.

I'm doing a little work today. I like to get a jump on the week. I've really got a ton of stuff to do. There are these learning modules we are all supposed to be doing. I've barely gotten a start on that. I have to make sure I've gone through every single chart with a fine tooth comb because the jackass I wrote about yesterday is making it her main priority to catch it if there are any changes in the expected reimbursement due to fault on our side. So I just have to make sure my performance is magical and super human at all times. No human error for me!

I have to go renew my driver's license very soon, within the next 2 weeks. Everyone hates to go to the DMV. Such is life. I need to take a day off and take my dogs to the vet for shots, go to the DMV, see an eye doctor, and turn my car in for the paint repair. Errands. Trading my car took away 2 things off my errand list. It was time to get a new inspection and registration. Yay for shortening the errand list!

I gots to get back to work.

PS: Drunk lovesick guy has been blowing up my phone trying to call me. I haven't picked up. I would have, but he calls at weird times when my phone ringer is off. I usually let him tell me his news if it's daytime and I know he won't be drunk. I know he wants to tell me he landed a job truck driving. He left me a message telling me that he was going to be leaving today for his new job. I'm wondering what kind of an idiot would let him drive off in their expensive truck. It is completely obvious when talking to him that something is very wrong with him. He has brain damage and it's plainly obvious. I can't imagine someone actually hiring him. He thinks when he is employed things will be different and I will be willing to give him a chance. But... eh... that's not the case. I wish him well. I hope he gets his life together. I can't really see that happening, but maybe he will get a miracle.

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