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2015-08-31 - 7:07 p.m.

I watch the show "Hannibal". I've watched it from the beginning and I do like it, even though at times it seems almost like a parody of itself. More and more, the characters speak in halting dramatic whispers, sometimes it seems like they are imitating each other and you just expect someone to come out with a slow clap and a wry smirk.

It's a good story, often disturbing, and in my usual fashion, I root for the bad guy. I love a good "bad guy". I really like the actor who plays Hannibal. He makes a "man of a certain age" look very appealing. I also like the refined, intelligent, well-read, gourmet cook persona developed for this character (even though he is cooking people). When Hannibal says he'd love to have you for dinner, he means it in a literal sense.

The last episode was all kinds of crazy. It was the kind of episode that makes you say What da EFF did I just watch? I don't know how they are going to undo what they did on this one. They will have to undo it, or there will be no more show. Lasting and terrible things have happened to a bunch of major characters.

I guess that was the season finale. I am happy about some of the Fall shows that are coming back. Like the Walking Dead. I used to not watch TV much at all, but I have shows now. I am watching "Fear the Walking Dead" and I'm into it. I'm happy about this show because it will bring us right up to time for The Walking Dead to start back. I hope they franchise this sucker out till we have year round Walking Dead. Like the NCIS franchise. I also love the Blacklist. It will be coming back in the Fall. Outlander on Starz, Game of Thrones, of course! I don't believe Jon Snow is gone for good.


I have to add something: Last year I went to the Renfest with some people and we walked up on a Game of Thrones thing that was going on. Someone yelled "HODOR!!" And then the crowd yelled back "HODOR!!" Uncharacteristic for my rather reserved self, I yelled "HODOR!!" too, cause I was into it and forgot myself. It was then that I noticed my companions apparently don't watch Game of Thrones.

It's awkward to be the only one in your group yelling "HODOR!!"

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