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2015-09-01 - 5:11 p.m.

My nephew is in a mood today. He gave me a lengthy speech about the dangers of the book of face and said he is going to delete his account again. He deactivates it periodically and then he comes back around to it a few months later.

Today he told me that I need to get pictures of my house off the site because of many reasons, one being that there's a guy who says I'm going to need a shotgun to keep him away from me. He refers to himself as my worst nightmare. This amorous nutbar knows I don't want anything to do with him, but he is undaunted by this minor detail.

So today the nephew launched into a speech about the dangers of the internet and when I stopped and looked at him, he said "Hear me out!" So I let him say what he had to say. At one point I was looking at the dogs and he said "Are you listening to me?" He was rather urgent about the whole thing. After that, he went and got ready to go someplace and as he left he called back to my office and said "There's a pistol on my dresser". I wonder if he had a bad dream about somebody getting me or something. He thinks I need a protector.

Kind of sweet. Kind of odd.

I'm going out to dinner with a friend on Thursday night and I have a massage with that sturdy old gal who works magic on my back, tomorrow night. Good stuff! I made a decision to get out more a while back. So I've been going out with friends a lot more. It's a good thing. I was thinking about starting Yeshiva classes on Saturdays (ancient Hebrew history) but I'm hesitant. Undecided. On the fence even. I need to find my tribe, ya know? I wish I could find a smallish group of like-minded people because I like the feeling of connectedness. I thought I was a rock and an island, but it turns out I am human and I need other humans. I'm not done living afterall.

I went into Second Life yesterday for just a little while and was accosted by 2 vampires who wanted to recruit me to be a "blood angel". They tag teamed me within minutes of signing on. I don't know what is entailed in being a blood angel, but I probably don't have time. heh.

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