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2015-08-30 - 11:16 a.m.

Never hit tab when you are writing an entry. It makes your entire rant disappear.


So I was ranting about the ridiculous hassle I'm going through since my dear but daffy mother cancelled the payment for our vacation cabin, thinking she was being identity thefted again. Oy! I could just break out in full Yiddish. And I'm not even Jewish.

Here's what: Mom wanted to pay the cabin rent on her "cash back" card. Then we could all pay her back for our shares of the rental and she could go shopping at Pottery Barn. I made the payment, mom didn't recognize the payment amount and cancelled it, thinking the identity thieves had gotten her again. Since that happened, there has been constant emails back and forth between me and this cabin owner. I'm going to recreate the general gist of how it has gone:

ME: My mom accidentally cancelled the payment and I would like to pay again, however, the payment link you sent doesn't work anymore. It says this reservation has already been paid.
HER: Just pay again using the original payment link.
ME: That link doesn't work anymore. It says it has already been paid.
HER: The link I sent you should work.
ME: It doesn't.
HER: Do a new quote request and I will send you a new link.
ME: The calendar says my dates are booked and it will not allow me to book for the dates I need. I think you'll have to cancel my whole reservation and then send a new link.
HER: I cancelled your first reservation. Go ahead and pay before someone else books it.
ME: I got a new quote but the price is $300 more. Can you fix that?
HER: Go ahead and pay at that link.
ME: It's $300 more
HER: Do a new quote request.
ME: Done
HER: I gave you the military discount.
ME: It doesn't show up. It says full price.
(Note: We went back and forth numerous times about this military discount. I don't even want to write it all out. Ridiculous. Finally she got the discount back in there)
HER: Ok, I think it is all fixed now. If you'll just go in and pay at the new payment link.
ME: It says the quote has expired now. It says due on August 30, but it's only an hour into August 30 and it's already expired?
HER: It's not expired. It's due today. Go ahead and pay using that link.
ME: It will not allow me to pay. It says expired.
HER: It is not expired. Just click on "pay now".
ME: When I click "pay now" a big red banner pops up that says "This reservation quote has expired." and there is no way to pay it. Can I just call you?

Each one of these comments is a new email. We've exchanged so many. I didn't include all the times she just repeated what she said before without reading my words and understanding what the problem was. If it weren't for the rest of my family, I would tell her to have a nice life and I'd rent elsewhere. I've used this vacation rental thing several times before and never had this kind of a hassle. This is still unresolved. If she rents out our cabin to someone else, I'm gonna go ballistic.

So that's been fun.

I was planning to stay home this weekend and paint but my friend wanted me to come out and play. She was back in town unexpectedly and stranded in The Woodlands. We did another lunch and shopping day. She bought a lot of stuff and had a huge heavy bag to drag around. haha. I was wise and didn't buy anything big until right before calling the valet to bring my car. We went to this big fancy restaurant that I've always wanted to try and it didn't disappoint. It was a nice day. I knew I would have fun after I got out there. I didn't really want to go anyplace but I obliged and was glad I did afterward. I broke it to her that I can't go to Vegas the first week of November because it's too soon after my week long vacation.

I cancelled my Windows 10 upgrade and guess what? It did it anyway. So today I spent a good while trying to figure out how to use my computer. It was looking grim there for a while. I couldn't get to anything familiar. It changed everything and I had to reset my preferences. It wouldn't let me choose the resolution I want. There were 2 choices. Ridiculously big, looks like safe mode, or so tiny my glasses need glasses. Now it looks basically ok and I managed to get back to my own desktop. I just feel like Microsoft is capturing every detail about me and everyone else with Windows 10. Not that they weren't spying before.

I'm cooking a roast today. The nephew is happy about it.


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