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2015-08-26 - 6:21 p.m.

I have been too busy to paint nary a rock since the weekend. I hope to get back to it soon.

I had a 2 hour conference call today. Oy vey. But overall, the work life is going swimmingly because today one of my students graduated to doing her own admits without my help and that freed me up a little. I like the offline work I'm having to do now because it can't be monitored or questioned by Frick and Frack. I'm sure this loss of control is giving them sweaty nightmares.

I love my jobbie job.

I can feel Autumn in the air and it makes me happeh. I love me some Autumn. I get this burst of energy when the weather cools off. My full-on Autumn Mania will not happen until mid November probably, because I live too close to the equator for the weather to stay cool this early in the year. But today was uncharacteristically cool. We're in the downhill slide for 2015. All my family has their birthdays from August through November. Leos and Libras and Scorps, oh my. And one teeny Virgo. Once August hits, it's birthday parties and gift buying all the way into Christmas.

I've already started my Christmas shopping. I've gotten a small start. I kind of want an "Echo" from Amazon for myself. It's like a Siri, but seems more useful and has a good speaker for playing music. You can program it to turn lights and things on and off. I wonder if you can get it to read a story other than news. News would be good too, but I'd love it if it would read me a story. I had a chance a while back to get one for a crazy cheap price and I passed on it. Now they are $179, which won't make or break a sister but I hate to pay double the price when I could have gotten the deal. So I'm holding off, but I'll probably cave soon and get it. I can always find a ton of stuff for me once I start Christmas shopping. My sweetheart was right. I AM a terrible person. heh


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