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2015-08-27 - 12:42 p.m.

I used to rely on my own personal computer guy to help me with tech issues and now I have to wing it. I wish I had his wise counsel on upgrading to Windows 10. I've heard good things about it, but something about this upgrade feels... questionable to me. I do wish my dear ex-mister would break his reign of silence to text or FB message me any reasons he may have why I should or should not allow this upgrade. I've scheduled it for 3 am tomorrow morning and after I did that, I wished I had given it another day or two so I could do a little more looking into it. Ah! Google is my friend. I found out how to cancel that install. So I will check it out more before I decide. Bwah, feel free to weigh in. You know how to find me.

I didn't download the FB messenger because of all the crazy permissions. No you can't have permission to use my phone cam or phone numbers without my permission. No. No my photos are not your property. I think not. I wonder if Microsoft is sneaking something over on us within this OS. I mean, I'm sure they are... in their little hacker hearts they are sneaking something over on us, but has it become Big Brother dangerous yet? Probably.

I dunno. I'd like to get my bwah's take on the whole topic.

I ordered a book about how to protect your money if the economy and stock market collapse. I feel like some measures will have to be taken to try to prepare for whatever comes. Maybe my true love's SHTF talk rubbed off on me. My nephew was reading from this book and told me C would be happy to know I was listening afterall. heh

Back to the old grindstone... conference call in 4 minutes!


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