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2015-08-05 - 5:44 p.m.

Ahhhh one of my work applications has been made "new and improved"! That means it is now FUBAR and I had to spend today trying to learn how to get around their new upgrades and make use of this mess that was functional and handy software 2 days ago. I had to figure out how to work around all this wonderful better-ness.

There are some things I like about this version better than the last 2 versions though. I can double click on a document and it expands to fit the whole screen, so I can see everything really well without scrolling and changing the font size. So that's a plus. Once I am fully used to it, I'll like it better than the old versions, I think.

The last 2 days have been so unproductive though. Major technical difficulties continued today and I spent the whole morning on the phone with tech support. My company cleverly rigged it so we can't add anything to our work computers, so this makes it damn near impossible to add stuff the company wants added. I guess it was just too crazy to simply tell us not to add things without authorization, or to password protect it on their side so that we can't add anything without obtaining the password for it.

Anyhoo... I think it's straightened out now and it's just a matter of catching up on 2 days worth of work that didn't get did. I guess I'll be sucking up some of that premium overtime pay this weekend.

My mother shocked me today. She thinks I should buy a more expensive house! She said I should go up in price by about 100K! That would be quite a house indeed. I don't need any more house than I have right now, but she is correct in her thinking, the smart thing to do is keep moving up and building my net worth in real estate value. She thinks the market is going to crash and people are going to lose their money, so it's good to own things of value, including real estate.

Radical change of topic:

I wonder how many relationships have been ruined on social media when one partner observed that the other partner is an idiot. Some people cannot spell their way out of a wet paper bag and it's sooooo embarrassing to watch. I have this one friend who is sweet and funny, but bless her heart, she was out in the barn when God gave out the good looks. She finally found herself a man recently and he looked way better in his pictures than one might expect... until he started posting on FB. Oh muh goodness... he can't spell at all. It's embarrassing. I wonder if she ever had any opportunity to see anything he had written before. I would think it would be a deal breaker. Too stupid is a problem. She might not have known in advance that he's dumb, but with the way he expresses himself in the written word, you would expect him to count by tapping a hoof on the floor or something. He really seems dim.

People should give their prospective mates a general knowledge exam with an essay portion before they get too heavily invested. Just saying.

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